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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cake Ideas for Christenings

With the variety of cake designs available for Christenings it was time we did a feature on some of my favourites!

I also wanted to leave you with some quick tips to help you and your cake decorator get through this planning process quick and easy!

  • Have a rough idea how many people you need to serve cake and the size of the slice, if it's the only dessert then make sure it is a good serving size.
  • Have a design idea in mind and send images to your cake decorator so they know what you are looking for
  • If you have a budget your detail may be limited but there are plenty of cake toppers and ribbons to decorate your cake with
  • Cakes these days are expensive but very elaborate, so be realistic about what you are looking to spend
  • There are heaps of flavours to choose from these days, so talk to your cake decorator about options
  • Remember, if you have a theme to start with it is much easier to plan and that is why we create these Blog posts for you :)
I hope you enjoy my selection of both boys and girls Christening cake designs... There are so many to choose from but remember this is just the 1st of many posts about Christening cakes!

For more help on planning your Christening event visit:

So we are starting off in Victoria with this cute elephant 3 tier Cake!

All the way from the USA it seems Nautical cakes are popular everywhere, (well that's what Kate said on this Blog post)... This was for a baby Shower, totally love this cake!

This is a Unisex cake which I love for both boys and girls, personally I would remove the flowers for the boys and it would be a very classy Christening cake!

These little monkey's come all the way from England! I absolutely love the design, colour and ribbon... How cute are the actual characters! They could almost jump off the page <3

Who can ever go past a Safari Cake for boys! Look at the detail!! 

Love the detail! Perfect pastel colours and a gorgeous giraffe xo

No Link for this Cake but I would love to know who created it! Magic...

This gorgeous single tier cake is from New Zealand! This is just a tiny taste compared to the photos on their Facebook page :)

This is a Wedding cake but I don't see why this couldn't be a Christening cake or a cake for any occasion! Its simple, pretty and sitting on a stunning cake stand!

No link for this either, but I love ruffles on dresses, cakes, table cloths and anything for girls!!!

I love these individual servings of cake! Click HERE to find more Wedding cake ideas... Again a gorgeous Tiffany themed Christening, which I did in an earlier post (Click HERE to view) would be perfect to serve with these precious mini cakes.

I could go on forever with cakes but I promise this will not be the last! Until next time Keep Calm and let us help you plan :)


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