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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tiffany Blue Inspiration for Miss P. Rose

Happy New Year!!!

I have been saving this post until now so I could start 2013 with a BANG!

This was a family event where my cousin was happy with me snapping away and sharing some of the pics and ideas with you all!

I love the Tiffany Blue colour scheme that was chosen, very different and elegant. The ceremony was beautiful and I was up the front with my camera instantly snapping away then ran back to the reception as quickly as I could to capture some gorgeous detail for you all to be inspired by.

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The Colour detail of the letters and ribbons match the Tiffany Blue colour theme..

Inside the box where an elegant gown and shoes are waiting to be worn....

All ceremonial Items were provided by Kidz in Style - (Hurstville)


The Reception was held at Yiamas Greek Taverna where warm Haloumi and Spanakopita greeted us, well that's how I remember it... There was also the sweet scent of caramel and sugar the second you stepped in the door, to the left was a beautifully dressed table decorated with Tiffany Blue decor and flowers! Cupcakes, Candy and a tasty array of desserts flooded the table and made you want dessert before lunch!!!

A very talented Mum indeed who designed and decorated it all by herself!

Lots of Blue white and splashes of pink! <3 Very refreshing!

Sweet mini Cupcakes set on a pretty blue polkadot stand... It's all in the the detail!

These little shots of dessert where DELICIOUS! 
Flavours Patisserie Belmore

Blue Paper favour bags for the Children where set on the table, they were filled with bubbles, activity books and crayons which kept them entertained for most of the afternoon.

A Simple & Elegant cake with a rose that represents the middle name... Just beautiful!
I actually just realised that detail, I was too busy happy snapping on the day that i totally missed it :).....

My selection of desserts that day! I put only one milk bottle because the other ten where in my treats bag lol!

A white paper bag with a pretty sticker waited for me at the candy buffet to be filled up with milk bottles (my weakness)... The chocolate hearts were in a sweet mini Tiffany Blue box and Miss A ate my Chocolate hearts.....!!!!

So I filled mine up with a mini cupcake to take home instead :)

Little Miss A Enjoying here Cupcake!!!

It was a fun day filled with yummy food and treats, family catching up & sharing stories and kid's having a blast! We celebrated a memorable milestone that Little Miss P. Rose will look back on in years to come and see the gorgeous effort and detail created for her day xx

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