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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Jungle Theme - Christening

Well every Blog is inspired by a fan who is looking for inspiration for their Christening day and this post is no exception! I have a beautiful fan/friend who is Christening her baby boy and asked for some ideas, what better way then to compile my research into a Blog post that you all get to enjoy as well!

As you would know from previous posts I love showing detail and different ideas for the entire day so let's get started!

I am starting with this really funky cake I found on Pinterest... I have no idea who made it but I have included the Pinterest Link HERE

To follow this very funky cake I have a very cute Lion invitation for our jungle theme tonight! CAN YOU SEE HOW EVERYTHING IS CUT OUT! This is one of those invites I keep in my "special occasion stuff" draws lol....

Check out Paper Pop HERE

Maybe you want a design like this made up for your invite with chocolate wrappers, banners, and a whole lot of other Paper furnishing's for your Christening. I mean come on we need everything these days and that's because these talented designers are making it happen! The team at Gaia Creative will help you out HERE.

Now these balloons make a huge impact on the entire set up and I love the foil bird balloons on every table as a centre piece! The dance floor can not get any more safari like than this! 
This was designed and set up by Konstatntly Fabulous... Check out their page HERE

Alternatively you can set up an outdoor area and create a real out door jungle feel! I just imagined hanging animal print balloons and lanterns outside when I saw this, not to mention that this restaurant does cater for Christenings and has a yummy menu! Have a look at Criniti's event packages which have a category for Christenings and have thought of it all for you :)

Now before I forget I have already dressed your little man up for the occasion and theme :)
Have a look at Baby Christening Gowns for this gorgeous little outfit!

Of coarse I found this stunning little set with towel and undergarment for our little man! Seriously this is so damn cute and classy! If your wondering where to find it... Exalt By Design and yes they are conveniently located ONLINE!

This is a very cool Jungle theme candy buffet and the entire Blog post can be found HERE
It is in another language but image is what counts here :) There are some super cute ideas to have a look at!

Well seeing as we have hit the candy buffet part of it (fun!!!) I have to tell you about the tastiest sugar coated almond currently available in Australia! Yes I know it is a huge statement, but that's because I have tried every single flavour and they are like nothing I have ever tasted when it comes to sugar coated almonds! So....if you want some white candy and you went for a cupcake Bombonniere and the Auntie wants to know where the sugar coated almonds a glass bowl on the candy buffet with these confetti and they will be gone before the milk bottles! Order form Dolci Sapori Imports

OMGoodness!!! look at these letters once again! Perfect for our jungle theme and the matching invitation and bombonniere are all set to go! Designed by the talented ladies at Creations 2Impress!

I love chocolate bars wrapped up on a candy buffet or sitting on every person's plate (so if you get there late someone has already stolen your chocolate!! arrrggghhh)
lol these little Lion king chocolate bars have been designed by Igift2u

 I found this recipe on Pinterest and think it is a perfect dessert that is easy to make yourself, it has the element of banana which i think fits in perfect with our jungle theme....Find the recipe HERE

I also think these are a really fun and tidy way to give out fruit if you have a dessert table :)

Perfect colours for candy and raffia sting wrapped around your glass jar give it a perfect jungle feel :) The textured tablecloth these jars are sitting on is also very important, remember if your going to DIY include these details to get a professional feel!!

Ok, so how did I do? I must say it was not the easiest theme to track things down for but overall I think we have a great mix of ideas to help you get started!
Until next time happy planning :)

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