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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas Ideas 2012

So I have been collecting beautiful Christmas ideas to share with you for a few months and choosing has been really hard! I may even have a part 2 :)

I am all about saving you time and creating things that a fairly quick and easy! I am always short on time and want to make all these things and end up making nothing... So I didn't want to overwhelm you with all the ideas I had, I have put together a few of the things I am going to try out myself this Christmas (hopefully) and be able to share with you in the new year!

We also have a fantastic giveaway sponsored by {Invitations to Impress}, this Blog post is going to be hard to top! Enjoy creating and make sure you share your thoughts with me!

So here is a fantastic way to make yummy treats by Betty Crocker, the recipe link to make the brownies from scratch are under the image....But if your like me and want cute, quick and easy then just grab a box of brownie mix and follow the rest of the instructions! I am going to try this one for sure :)

This is another Pinterest photo that has been shared but the link was to a fashion website which I hate because I like to see an extension of the image or tutorial, but you can see from the image how effective the display is and replicating would not be hard. The Xmas "baubles" made from material on the wall look fantastic and yes I found a website with a tutorial so you can see how they are made :) Click HERE for step by step instructions. 

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I decided to add the competition in with the Blog and Invitations to Impress where kind enough to sponsor this edition which worked out perfect, their Christmas card designs are gorgeous and personalised with your baby or babies  photo! I am actually getting it done as well for Miss A :)

This could be the perfect time to arrange a photo shoot with a professional photographer! One that is specialised in Children's Photography, have a look at the Symbolique Photography Facebook page to see his amazing work! This is a recent shoot and the photos are perfect!!! 

This Blog is amazing! You must read it...Warning!! you will feel warm & fuzzy! I am setting up something similar for Miss A & her cousins to do on Christmas day! In this Blog there is also a Free Santa letter to download from {The Two Savvy Sisters}, very cute and perfect to organise from now!

Here is a tutorial that shows you every step! The insides of these waffle cones are filled with cookie dough and chocolate chips, then decorated on the outside and have a stick so you can eat them!!! I don't think I will have time for it this year, but I will be using waffle cones as one of the items the kids can decorate as Xmas trees as well as cookies and cupcakes for my Xmas day craft table! 

These yummy marshmallow treats are available for order from the beautiful P&J By Design! They are not found in Australia and are coated with fine granules of sugar! Imported from Europe they are a candy filler for jars or added to your Xmas dessert list! I love the snowman and Xmas tree design! 

Well this picture has no tutorial but it looks very easy! I want to try Red, Green and white canvas boards for Christmas, I'm not sure how it will look but it is worth a try :) Just stick some chipboard letters on canvas and spray paint away!

I am making these little beauties 100% for my Xmas lunch while waiting for the BBQ! They look colourful, are neat, tidy and I love the idea! Why have I never thought of this! I will put french onion dip at the bottom, which I make with sour cream and french onion soup (thanks to my male best friend who showed me this lol) and then cut up my vegies and throw them in the cup!!! The Blog for this party has a few other neat ideas so make sure you check it out! 

This looks so naughty and yummy and you bet that it is! It has all my favourite sweet flavours! White chocolate, caramel and Cinnamon! Check out the recipe on the Crock Pot Recipe Exchange, easy to make! The only things you might get stuck on in regards to ingredients is the Marshmallow fluff, which lucky for you I spotted in Sydney Bankstown Centro. There is a candy shop that has just opened, unfortunately that is the only place where I have seen it so far. I really want to try this out as well and when I do I will be sharing!!!! Photos only, not the actual hot chocolate :)

Well that is the end of today's Xmas special edition! I have more ideas but I do not want to overwhelm you :) I hope this has put you all in the Xmas spirit and has maybe given you some inspiration that will save you time and make you look like the ultimate hostess!

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Happy Planning & remember to enter our Xmas card Giveaway xoxo



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