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Monday, 26 November 2012

Christening Ideas - Owl Theme

So finally here it is.... the Owl theme christening I had the pleasure of being a part of and photographed myself to share with all of you, my lovely followers looking for inspiration!

Well let me set the scene, comfortable & relaxed :) Which is always enjoyable and lots of fun! Let's get started because like all my posts I have a lot to cover! Just to note I took most of the images with my new camera so I can capture the details I know you are always looking for ;) actually it was a heap of fun pretending to be photographer for a day lol....

It all starts with the invitation, this DIY Mummy who always does a great job bringing details together picked up these printed invites that you get in a box with envelopes and magnets included, you just fill in the blanks...

These were perfect for the Owl theme!

Now for the ceremony....

I love a towel that is personalised for the christening day, it can either be kept as a keepsake or used until your baby is no longer a baby! 

The keepsake box

I love this pic with Mr. D's Mummy! 

A very happy (spunky) boy with his very proud Godparents'!!!

A special keepsake for guests to sign...

The candle was made by

Now lets CELEBRATE!!!!

Yep the candy buffet was set up by Mum & Friends! Perfect .....

Yummy cake & cupcakes by KaraKidz Cakes

We all filled up our bags with candy before the food came out!!! Now you know why they have that beautifully presented sign in a frame that says keep your hands off the candy until we cut the cake, because if you ruin my set up before I take the photos I will be P#$$D *FF! Lol you know what I mean.... But this very cool mummy wanted everyone to indulge straight away! It was a mess by the time the adults were finished, I should have had an after shot! ;)

Blue m&m's... but look closely....

Yes ladies it is his name printed on every single one and were brought over from America by his fabulous Aunty!!!

Letters by Creations 2impress

I must say I am very proud of my gift that was made especially for the day and can now be displayed in his room! Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail... designed by the team from  Creations 2impress! little munchkin loving the mini hamburgers!

Here is Mr. D's Sister enjoying the craft area their Mummy set up for the christening venue! The kids loved it and kept heading back to it all day... There was heaps of play dough with utensils and colouring books with crayons to keep the kids very, very busy! 

A couple of these Owl foil balloons filled the ceiling space and added to the whole Owl inspired Christening event!

I found this gorgeously wrapped gift a guest had put together for Mr.D... I loved it and instantly took a pic :)

Here is our very happy little man of the day modelling his spunky Christening suit... designed by GooGoo Gear

Each guest at the end of the day were given these gorgeous Christening favours.... 
These were made by Mr.D's Mum & Godparents... Each box was filled with sugar coated almonds and beautiful wooden Rosary Beads! Tags were printed and embossed with this cute owl stamp & fine glitter.

And here is me at the end of the day with the very EDIBLE Mr.D :)

It was a beautiful Christening celebration filled with lots of sweets, laughter and family love!

I hope this post helps inspire your Christening event and puts a warm smile on your face while reading it...

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Until next time... Happy Planning xoxo

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