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Monday, 26 November 2012

Christening Ideas - Owl Theme

So finally here it is.... the Owl theme christening I had the pleasure of being a part of and photographed myself to share with all of you, my lovely followers looking for inspiration!

Well let me set the scene, comfortable & relaxed :) Which is always enjoyable and lots of fun! Let's get started because like all my posts I have a lot to cover! Just to note I took most of the images with my new camera so I can capture the details I know you are always looking for ;) actually it was a heap of fun pretending to be photographer for a day lol....

It all starts with the invitation, this DIY Mummy who always does a great job bringing details together picked up these printed invites that you get in a box with envelopes and magnets included, you just fill in the blanks...

These were perfect for the Owl theme!

Now for the ceremony....

I love a towel that is personalised for the christening day, it can either be kept as a keepsake or used until your baby is no longer a baby! 

The keepsake box

I love this pic with Mr. D's Mummy! 

A very happy (spunky) boy with his very proud Godparents'!!!

A special keepsake for guests to sign...

The candle was made by

Now lets CELEBRATE!!!!

Yep the candy buffet was set up by Mum & Friends! Perfect .....

Yummy cake & cupcakes by KaraKidz Cakes

We all filled up our bags with candy before the food came out!!! Now you know why they have that beautifully presented sign in a frame that says keep your hands off the candy until we cut the cake, because if you ruin my set up before I take the photos I will be P#$$D *FF! Lol you know what I mean.... But this very cool mummy wanted everyone to indulge straight away! It was a mess by the time the adults were finished, I should have had an after shot! ;)

Blue m&m's... but look closely....

Yes ladies it is his name printed on every single one and were brought over from America by his fabulous Aunty!!!

Letters by Creations 2impress

I must say I am very proud of my gift that was made especially for the day and can now be displayed in his room! Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail... designed by the team from  Creations 2impress! little munchkin loving the mini hamburgers!

Here is Mr. D's Sister enjoying the craft area their Mummy set up for the christening venue! The kids loved it and kept heading back to it all day... There was heaps of play dough with utensils and colouring books with crayons to keep the kids very, very busy! 

A couple of these Owl foil balloons filled the ceiling space and added to the whole Owl inspired Christening event!

I found this gorgeously wrapped gift a guest had put together for Mr.D... I loved it and instantly took a pic :)

Here is our very happy little man of the day modelling his spunky Christening suit... designed by GooGoo Gear

Each guest at the end of the day were given these gorgeous Christening favours.... 
These were made by Mr.D's Mum & Godparents... Each box was filled with sugar coated almonds and beautiful wooden Rosary Beads! Tags were printed and embossed with this cute owl stamp & fine glitter.

And here is me at the end of the day with the very EDIBLE Mr.D :)

It was a beautiful Christening celebration filled with lots of sweets, laughter and family love!

I hope this post helps inspire your Christening event and puts a warm smile on your face while reading it...

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Until next time... Happy Planning xoxo

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas Ideas 2012

So I have been collecting beautiful Christmas ideas to share with you for a few months and choosing has been really hard! I may even have a part 2 :)

I am all about saving you time and creating things that a fairly quick and easy! I am always short on time and want to make all these things and end up making nothing... So I didn't want to overwhelm you with all the ideas I had, I have put together a few of the things I am going to try out myself this Christmas (hopefully) and be able to share with you in the new year!

We also have a fantastic giveaway sponsored by {Invitations to Impress}, this Blog post is going to be hard to top! Enjoy creating and make sure you share your thoughts with me!

So here is a fantastic way to make yummy treats by Betty Crocker, the recipe link to make the brownies from scratch are under the image....But if your like me and want cute, quick and easy then just grab a box of brownie mix and follow the rest of the instructions! I am going to try this one for sure :)

This is another Pinterest photo that has been shared but the link was to a fashion website which I hate because I like to see an extension of the image or tutorial, but you can see from the image how effective the display is and replicating would not be hard. The Xmas "baubles" made from material on the wall look fantastic and yes I found a website with a tutorial so you can see how they are made :) Click HERE for step by step instructions. 

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Only those who leave comments under this Blog post will be entered in the draw.

This is open to Australian residents only and is hosted by the Christening Directory Blog.

The winner will be announced back here on this post by Wednesday 21st November 2012.

Good luck xoxo

I decided to add the competition in with the Blog and Invitations to Impress where kind enough to sponsor this edition which worked out perfect, their Christmas card designs are gorgeous and personalised with your baby or babies  photo! I am actually getting it done as well for Miss A :)

This could be the perfect time to arrange a photo shoot with a professional photographer! One that is specialised in Children's Photography, have a look at the Symbolique Photography Facebook page to see his amazing work! This is a recent shoot and the photos are perfect!!! 

This Blog is amazing! You must read it...Warning!! you will feel warm & fuzzy! I am setting up something similar for Miss A & her cousins to do on Christmas day! In this Blog there is also a Free Santa letter to download from {The Two Savvy Sisters}, very cute and perfect to organise from now!

Here is a tutorial that shows you every step! The insides of these waffle cones are filled with cookie dough and chocolate chips, then decorated on the outside and have a stick so you can eat them!!! I don't think I will have time for it this year, but I will be using waffle cones as one of the items the kids can decorate as Xmas trees as well as cookies and cupcakes for my Xmas day craft table! 

These yummy marshmallow treats are available for order from the beautiful P&J By Design! They are not found in Australia and are coated with fine granules of sugar! Imported from Europe they are a candy filler for jars or added to your Xmas dessert list! I love the snowman and Xmas tree design! 

Well this picture has no tutorial but it looks very easy! I want to try Red, Green and white canvas boards for Christmas, I'm not sure how it will look but it is worth a try :) Just stick some chipboard letters on canvas and spray paint away!

I am making these little beauties 100% for my Xmas lunch while waiting for the BBQ! They look colourful, are neat, tidy and I love the idea! Why have I never thought of this! I will put french onion dip at the bottom, which I make with sour cream and french onion soup (thanks to my male best friend who showed me this lol) and then cut up my vegies and throw them in the cup!!! The Blog for this party has a few other neat ideas so make sure you check it out! 

This looks so naughty and yummy and you bet that it is! It has all my favourite sweet flavours! White chocolate, caramel and Cinnamon! Check out the recipe on the Crock Pot Recipe Exchange, easy to make! The only things you might get stuck on in regards to ingredients is the Marshmallow fluff, which lucky for you I spotted in Sydney Bankstown Centro. There is a candy shop that has just opened, unfortunately that is the only place where I have seen it so far. I really want to try this out as well and when I do I will be sharing!!!! Photos only, not the actual hot chocolate :)

Well that is the end of today's Xmas special edition! I have more ideas but I do not want to overwhelm you :) I hope this has put you all in the Xmas spirit and has maybe given you some inspiration that will save you time and make you look like the ultimate hostess!

Don't forget to check out our website here Christening Directory, we help inspire and create beautiful christenings! Find us on Facebook also Christening Directory and Follow us on Pinterest!

Happy Planning & remember to enter our Xmas card Giveaway xoxo

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


AND OUR WINNER IS SAM GILBERTSON!!! thank you to everyone who participated!!! I loved hearing what everyone does and will be incorporating some of those traditions for my own family :)


To start our online Christmas festivities I am hosting a small and sentimental competition on our Christening Directory Blog! I know we are all about christenings but no matter the industry when it's Christmas we all need to join in on the spirit!

 Here is your pretty gift if your story is chosen... Glittered organza butterflies!!!

There are also two mini mystery gifts I will add, it comes in a beautiful gift box that has been hand decorated by me :)


Tell me what your favourite family Christmas tradition, craft activity or idea is that you do every year. Write a sentence, paragraph or essay, I want to hear it all :) 

1. You can either leave a comment on our Blog under this post or,

2. Share it in the comment section under the Facebook link which is related to this competition. 

If you think this is a competition your family or friends would like to enter then please share it with them!

The winners family Christmas tradition will also be mentioned in our Christmas edition Blog post!


This is open to Australian residents only.

This is not affiliated with Facebook in anyway.

One entry per person.

Winner will be chosen based on the most sentimental or creative tradition. 

Winner will be announced on the 12th November 2012 here on my Blog. Make sure you check it out on Monday! 

I look forward to hearing about your Christmas ideas & inspiration! Remember it's all about giving at Christmas time and sharing your story is always a gift :) 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Christening Ideas - Pretty In Pink

Another post full of ideas and inspiration for a {Pretty In Pink} theme! Again I have added where you can find some of these beautiful products, some ideas on things you can create yourself and a few recipes that even the most novice baker can attempt! I know we are all time poor so I try to make things quick, simple and effective :) It takes so many hours to find all these amazing products and images and I read every Blog, check every link and try to give you the latest creations and designs. It is my job and I love it so I'm sure you will enjoy reading and exploring my christening ideas!

I start with the invitation because that is where most people begin their christening planning, this fan just said she wanted something pink and pretty for a christening... 

Christening Invitation -

These gorgeous invites are ordered online, you don't even need to go anywhere! Pricing is fantastic and a very pretty and pink design sets the mood for the christening theme.... Your gorgeous baby, just like the one on the invite above is what makes it x100 times more beautiful :)

Obviously this is not a christening outfit but I just wanted to show you something for the older sister or the God Sister.... In other words something cute for a mini VIP attending the christening.... I loved the outfit and it fit in perfect with the rest of the details so it had to be in this post!


Catholic candles are different to the orthodox ceremonial candles but they have come a very long way since my time... and my time was not that long ago! You will find that if they can design a candle like the one above in the photo then they can match for your theme a box and almost every other decorative piece you can think of... 

And here is a perfect example of what I am talking about! Matching the candle to the box and I'm sure if you asked for a matching photo album these designers would go out of their way to make it happen! (but don't quote me on it, it's just what I have heard :)

The Orthodox christening candle, like this gorgeous one is always filled with tulle, ribbons and is perfect for a pretty in pink theme! There were times we had people come into the store and ask if our candles were dresses lol.... 


The reception is where we get really creative and add so many beautiful details. The wow factor is usually made here and when your theme is for a baby girl it can be easy to want it all!!!

The image above has been taken by Symbolique photographey, this was a gorgeous table and is perfect for a pretty in pink christening, unfortunately I don't know the vendors but what is important to note is that your photographer needs to be able to capture the details! Just like {Symbolique Photography} did at this christening an image like this can only be taken by professionals and it is totally worth it.... I love the white doily as a table cloth, the cake is stunning and the dessert selection looks DELICIOUS!! 

I love balloons at a christening and I know these are pink and blue but what I loved was how they are tied to every second chair! Instead of ordering x100 balloons and leaving them on a high ceiling, arrange them so they are noticed like { Pump It Balloons} did in the photo above....

Now tell me this isn't the prettiest bomboniere you have ever seen!!! I love the pink ribbon, trimming of bling and who doesn't love a jar filled with yummy candy! The other items that were made for this christening are just as pretty and would be perfect for inspiration, check out their Facebook page for all the other items that were created for this christening....

The image above is part of a baby shower Blog and the link under the image will take you to see the rest of the event. The balloons tied to the party favour bags are again pretty and pink, also every kid loves to take a balloon home and it may just stop them from ripping out your balloons that are meant for decoration!!! (or in some cases maybe not lol)

Another gorgeous Blog filled with pretty princess ideas, some of which you can use in your pretty in pink christening theme. This chair cover would be perfect if you set up a kids table or for your little girl on the back of her high chair!! 

The frame on the right hand side was used as a photo booth for the kids to take photos in... I think the kids and adults would have a ball using this feature in their photos... I can just see it now,  iphones coming out and Instagram photos being plastered everywhere hahahaha.....


I found this pic on Pinterest and it comes from another party Blog, I have put the link under the image so you can check it out. I loved the tulle under the cake, it just adds so much more to it and makes it soooooooo pretty!!!

Yes I know what you are thinking..... are they edible? They can't be, they are so pretty! Yep these ruffled BISCUITS have been dressed up to suit a pretty pink theme! Now these are some of the treats I would have sitting on my dessert table.

So if you want to make some of your own treats here is a recipe for the yummiest looking sweet pink dessert I could find! This awesome Blog post even has a video (which me and Miss A watched) which makes it even easier! There are a few steps but nothing too complicated and the results are worth it! This is something I will attempt to try myself :)

I am a HUGE FAN of anything coconut and when I found this recipe for  coconut ice treats I knew I had to share it! Not only does it go with our theme today but they are SO EASY to make! If you can add some home made touches like this it will leave a huge impression!!! Another recipe I must must try :)

As you can see from the photo above using the right colours on your candy buffet is important... It highlights your theme and is something simple you can make sure you do.... Big or small your colours count! Check out the rest of the party on The Candy Co. - Candy Buffets  Facebook page, the link to their page is under the image above...

this image was featured on the Blowout Party Blog

This Blog is a must read also (just like all the other Blogs in this post of course). Can you see how this sort of detail changes EVERYTHING! It adds so much life to the jar that it makes you want to take it home and display it in your lounge room!!! The Blog is a Bird theme baby shower but it has so many great ideas that could be used for a pretty in pink christening theme.....

Tablecloth Saffy&May

I found this tonight last minute on the Saffy&May Facebook page! I have not seen anything like it and I could just see how perfectly it fit in with our theme today... Now you can buy or hire in (Queensland).... Being based in Sydney I would buy this personally and use it for every birthday party after the christening! 

I know I just took your breath away with this last photo!!!! You are also very lucky because this has not even been released on their Facebook page!!! So you get the inside first sneak peak preview..... From the backdrop to the candy, every single inch of this table is to die for!!!! A special thank you for sharing it with us first, I can not wait to see the rest! Head over to their Facebook page (the link is under the photo) and become a fan!

Many of the vendors we have featured can be found on our online Christening Directory, click HERE to see their profiles and many more christening businesses that can help you plan your day! 

Every image on our post has a link that will lead you to a Facebook page, website or Blog, If you like what you see show your support!

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Well this was such a beautiful theme to research and I am glad one of our fans mentioned it! I hope this helps out everyone to create pretty christening ideas.... If there is a theme or idea you would like to know more about just send me a message on Facebook or email me at and I will do my best to help you out!

Until next week Happy Planning xoxo