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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Last week I was inspired by a rainbow candy buffet feature from One Magic Day!

I decided I would make rainbow cupcakes and share it with you all :)

So here are my simple steps to creating a fun rainbow cupcake! I have also seen many rainbow baking ideas on  Pinterest so I just had to try it out & share :)

It was easy but the truth is it did take more time than usual to whip up because of all the colouring but the end result tastes a little more fun because it's RAINBOW!

My Ingredients where simple and easy to find...


Vanilla Cupcake mix from box including icing
Box of food colouring
100's & 1000's
Shredded coconut

That's it!!!

Divide batter into 4 bowls and add different food colouring colours to each one.

Add 100's & 1000's to each coloured mix.

Spoon the different colours into each cupcake holder... This takes a bit of time.

Mix together with a wooden skewer to create a swirl. Put in the oven to bake according to the box instructions. 

I coloured the coconut while the cupcakes were baking. Little Miss A had fun doing this part :) Just place the coconut in a zip lock bag and drop some food colouring in and shake!!!

After the cupcakes cooled on a backing rack I cut the tops off to make a flatter surface for the icing... I found the icing in the box wasn't enough and next time I would probably make the icing from scratch to make sure there is enough. I also prefer home made butter cream icing :)

I also coloured the icing in different batches to match the coloured coconut (time consuming!!!). After you spread the icing just pack on the coconut and whaaaaa laaaaa!

It's not studio quality but it's fun and would look great on a rainbow dessert table mixed in with 
everything else :)

For all my basic bakers you will find this fun and exciting, for all my advanced baking followers you can smile at me for trying and putting myself in your baking mitts for a while lol...

Happy Baking xox

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