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Monday, 15 October 2012

Miss A's Christening 2011

As the creator of the {Christening Directory} online website, Facebook page, Pinterest Board and now Blog I can only start by sharing with you my own daughters Christening! I hope you enjoy seeing each detail we created and look forward to sharing more christenings with you in the future.

We decorated the  church by placing pink organza bows and matching organza butterflies in the centre.

Decorated Baptismal Font to match candle.

Please check with your Parish before decorating the Baptismal Font.

There is a story behind Miss A's candle! Yes we had a christening retail store at the time and it was designed by my very talented mum BUT it was not meant to be this BIG! The night before the christening day when we finally had time to make the candle, the original size we had put aside BROKE! So we had to use the only other candle we had at the time :) Still looked amazing! 

Candy theme cupcakes
Candy theme cake
Miss A's AMAZING cake and cupcakes were made by {Woo Cakes} at the time , unfortunately she is no longer baking and decorating :( Our THEME was CANDY!!! We had centre pieces with lolly stick kebabs and balloons that were created and designed by {Konstantly Fabulous Events}.

Where all our guests signed and is now hanging on her wall!

Christening venue was at Mikes Grill & Bar Sylvania.


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