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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Vintage Lace Christening Inspiration

Headband: Little Dream Childrens Boutique

This Blog has been inspired by our Facebook fans on our Christening Directory Facebook Page.

There are 3 parts in this post... THE CEREMONY, THE RECEPTION & THE CAKE/DESSERT BUFFET.

Under each image there is a highlighted link that will direct you to the product, Blog or recipe... Happy Planning xo


Invitation: Lilys Attic.
The dress or Gown can be so hard to find and decide on, so we have found a few dresses but many of our suppliers on the Christening Directory website have beautiful gowns to see in their stores..

Purple Pips is a wholesaler of beautiful gowns..Their website has a list of stockists where you can find their range.

 Gown & bonnet: Little Dream Childrens Boutique.

Gown: Little Blessings Christenings

Catholic Candles: Sealed with Love

Orthodox Christening candle and box set: Love Memento
Pram: Exalt By Design

This Pram can be used to display the Gown and ceremonial items in.


Bomonniere: P&J By Design

Something sweet filled inside every box for your guests with a beautiful lace design to match the theme.

Centrepiece: Creations 2 Impress

An elegant way to dress up your tables.

Style Me Pretty Blog
Photography: Craig & Eva Sanders

Here is a way you can display your table numbers in a really way and make them up yourself if you wanted too.

Something Turquiose Blog

I found this on Pinterest and loved the step by step guide on how to arrange  and organise your table setting for guests!

adventures of a middle sister Blog

Check out this Blog for a DIY tutorial on how to make these beautiful Jar luminaries  :)

The Cake/Dessert Table 

Creations 2 Impress

Have these personalised letters made up for your cake table and then use them for decoration in her room afterwards!

Cake: Sweet Avenue

I love the ruffle design and a huge fan of butter cream icing!

Baked bree

Make these super cute EASY TO MAKE cheesecakes in a jar for your dessert table....Click on link for recipe!
Cupcake: Sweet Couture...Live, laugh, love & eat cupcakes

How about these stunning lace cupcakes!!! Too good to eat xx
Cupcake: Tas Tee Treats 4U

Or a beautiful lace cupcake holder with a sweet cupcake...HMMM yummy!
Cake: Cakes & Biscuits By Lisa

I also loved this ruffles and lace cake which would steal the show!

Uber Simplicity

These yummy looking cheesecakes are also REALLY SIMPLE TO MAKE..... will match your theme and can be made by you! Click on the link under the picture for the recipe :)

WOW I hope you enjoyed reading this Blog as much as I enjoyed researching it! Please let me know your thoughts and if this has helped inspire your vintage lace christening day!


Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Last week I was inspired by a rainbow candy buffet feature from One Magic Day!

I decided I would make rainbow cupcakes and share it with you all :)

So here are my simple steps to creating a fun rainbow cupcake! I have also seen many rainbow baking ideas on  Pinterest so I just had to try it out & share :)

It was easy but the truth is it did take more time than usual to whip up because of all the colouring but the end result tastes a little more fun because it's RAINBOW!

My Ingredients where simple and easy to find...


Vanilla Cupcake mix from box including icing
Box of food colouring
100's & 1000's
Shredded coconut

That's it!!!

Divide batter into 4 bowls and add different food colouring colours to each one.

Add 100's & 1000's to each coloured mix.

Spoon the different colours into each cupcake holder... This takes a bit of time.

Mix together with a wooden skewer to create a swirl. Put in the oven to bake according to the box instructions. 

I coloured the coconut while the cupcakes were baking. Little Miss A had fun doing this part :) Just place the coconut in a zip lock bag and drop some food colouring in and shake!!!

After the cupcakes cooled on a backing rack I cut the tops off to make a flatter surface for the icing... I found the icing in the box wasn't enough and next time I would probably make the icing from scratch to make sure there is enough. I also prefer home made butter cream icing :)

I also coloured the icing in different batches to match the coloured coconut (time consuming!!!). After you spread the icing just pack on the coconut and whaaaaa laaaaa!

It's not studio quality but it's fun and would look great on a rainbow dessert table mixed in with 
everything else :)

For all my basic bakers you will find this fun and exciting, for all my advanced baking followers you can smile at me for trying and putting myself in your baking mitts for a while lol...

Happy Baking xox

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Clowns & Carnivals Christening

If you are looking for some inspiration and a clown/carnival theme is on the agenda this christening event designed by Mr Gs Mummy is spectacular. There was no detail overlooked and the environment was made for adults and children alike! I will take you through the details and efforts and suppliers that were involved.

Lets start with the ceremony.... This cross was chosen by the Godmother from Forever Diamonds . Gorgeous for a baby boy and is perfect for when he gets older.

The out fit, candle and contents of the box where all ordered from Sweet Impressions in Earlwood.

The Wooden toy box with Mr Gs name was made by Mr Gs Daddy.
All the ceremonial items where matching in a classic elegant boys theme, then the reception brought the playful carnival to life. 

A candy buffet full of candy, sweets and treats created the ultimate buzz between adults and children who entered the hall.
The candy buffet and canopy were all designed and created by Mr Gs creative Mummy! For hiring details of canopy you are welcome to contact the Christening Directory.

Giant Lollipops, candy apples and tiny teddy bears driving where part of the candy buffet treats!

These cupcakes were made by Mr Gs talented auntie who loves creating and baking treats.

Yummy Oreo cake pops with matching carnival stand where made by Creations 2 Impress.

Nothing like Popcorn at a carnival!

Cake made by Miss Flutterby Cakes.

A colourful Drink Station.

Bottles & Straws from The Little Big Company.

The Bombonniere where made by Stella Bella Cupcakes and where filled with yummy cookies and chocolates!

The Slushy Machine was a huge hit with all the ages. 

There was also a fairy floss machine that was hired from The Fudge Shop.

Chocolate wrappers, tags, table signs and invitations were all made by Mr Gs friend. Contact the Christening Directory for details.

Mr Gs Mummy bought a stamp with Mr Gs name from Sweet Style to label the spoons.

The Spunky Mr G and his beautiful Godmother where captured by Harrison Photography.

Mr G was also lucky enough to have his uncle form Melbourne who is a photographer capture his christening as well from Sports Paparazzi.

There where so many amazing details and so much fun at this Clown/Carnival christening! Children had colouring books and crayons on their table, buckets of Popcorn were used as centre pieces with balloons clustered in the centre, matching table runners where made to compliment the tables which were all made by Mr Gs Mummy !

There was dancing entertainment for the kids, a buffet of yummy food, a dessert table that was exhausting and an unforgettable day of fun!

Check out the Christening Directory to help you plan your christening day and keep in touch with us on Facebook and Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

Happy Planning xox